Do real people feed each other popcorn?

I was watching the

Superbowl last night,

And the camera panned a row of

Celebrity spectators

Rocking in black leather chairs.

A movie star and her pro baseball player boyfriend,

Their eyes ultramarine against their tawny skin,

Her hair an enviably expensive and perfect blond.

Just at the moment the camera panned to them,

She took a few kernels of popcorn in the tips of her long fingers

And fed them to the baseball player,

Who snapped at them like a puppy,

One kernel sticking to his bottom lip

And then falling into his lap.


Normally, I am sensible on the subject of


I only have to imagine them

Taking a plunky shit

To bring them back down to

Planet Earth.

But this


Was so decidedly


And so maddeningly


It made me wonder if perhaps these


In their nonchalant vitality,

Aren’t truly


Their concerns so far

Beyond what we

Regular folk deal with

That they would just

Do something

So spontaneously playful

In front of 111 million television viewers

Like feed each other


I mean,

Who does that?


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