photo-97Me, you ask? I’m an entrepreneur and MBA student. My husband Joe is a special ed teacher. We live in St. Paul, Minnesota. Joe and I, who were both married before, have four kids:

Mine: Victor, born in Helsinki, Finland in August 2005.
Joe’s: Cassidy born December 1999 and Trey born May 2002.
Ours: Rocky born April 2012.

In addition to this blog, which I update about a once a month, I write fiction. I’ve written three unpublished novels and have plans for a bunch more. My next challenge is to market my books, which is the part of writing fiction I’ve always struggled with.

The title of my blog comes from the legend of Babe the Blue Ox, intrepid partner to the mythical American logger Paul Bunyan. Babe is my personal mascot because he puts his head down and works and works, which is what I try to do as a writer. He’s also otherworldly, which is what the creative process feels like. And his name is Babe, which is what my husband calls me.

Welcome to my blog. Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Moi?

  1. Not sure if I’ll ever “blog,” but it’s good to read one by somebody who knows how to lace a few ideas together in to something readable.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about the struggles your mother is currently going through. I was wondering about something. Can she still recognize herself from old photos, photos from her childhood. I do not wish to give you any false hope. But, since her childhood memories are the oldest ones she has – perhaps – some of them are still retained.

    My aunt Rosie had a similar condition. I was not responsible for taking care of her, so I do not know what type memories she retained. However, I do have fond memories of her.

    She never had the opportunity to “trick or treat” when she was a child. So, as a result, I believe I may have continued my trick or treating days for a few years longer than I may have thought prudent. But, it all worked out ok in the end. To this day, I don’t consider the age of anyone who comes to the door for trick or treats. Each trick or treater has earned my respect and a fair share of the candy.

    Ms. Niemela, I do enjoy reading your blog entries, thanks.

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