Where I will find the time


And time.

Those are the twin


Of writing a book.

Just as important as the writer’s stew of

Plot, character, inspiration

Is the laborer’s

Commitment to producing words on paper.

Which takes


Always for me,

The two develop on parallel planes in my head:

The story, and

My writing schedule.

How my daily activities will shift and settle around the

Writing time.

I suppose it’s a

Left brain/

Right brain thing.

What would a week look like

With one hour

Carved out of each


For writing?

I am resigned to taking it out of


To waking up early.

Say 5 a.m.

(Some people do that anyway.)

In the dark and quiet house:

Half-hour of yoga to get some

Fresh air

Moving through the limbs and brain.

Then the writer’s


The thing is,


Is a limited resource.

If one hour is taken


One hour must be given,

Somewhere else.

Pillaging my sleep is not an option

I need my straight eight

So it will have to be

Earlier nights.

Farmer’s hours.

I like to go to bed early.

I like to sleep.

So I think

I hope

It will work.

You never know until you start,

And do it for a few days and weeks.

Will this schedule take?

We’ll see.


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